Genome-wide identification and characterization of lncRNAs in sunflower endosperm

Shuai Yu, Zhichao Zhang, Jing Li, Yanbin Zhu, Yanzhe Yin, Xiaoyu Zhang, Yuxin Dai, Ao Zhang, Cong Li, Yanshu Zhu, Jinjuan Fan, Yanye Ruan & Xiaomei Dong
Abstract Background Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs), as important regulators, play important roles in plant growth and development. The expression and epigenetic regulation of lncRNAs remain uncharacterized generally in plant seeds, especially in the transient endosperm of the dicotyledons. Results In this study, we identified 11,840 candidate lncRNAs in 12 day-after-pollination sunflower endosperm by analyzing RNA-seq data. These lncRNAs were evenly distributed in all chromosomes and had specific features that were distinct from mRNAs including tissue-specificity...
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