Profiling ATM regulated genes in Drosophila at physiological condition and after ionizing radiation

Jun Liu, Tianyu Jin, Lanxi Ran, Ze Zhao, Rui Zhu, Gangcai Xie & Xiaolin Bi
Abstract Background ATM (ataxia-telangiectasia mutated) protein kinase is highly conserved in metazoan, and plays a critical role at DNA damage response, oxidative stress, metabolic stress, immunity, RNA biogenesis etc. Systemic profiling of ATM regulated genes, including protein-coding genes, miRNAs, and long non-coding RNAs, will greatly improve our understanding of ATM functions and its regulation. Results 1) differentially expressed protein-coding genes, miRNAs, and long non-coding RNAs in atm mutated flies were identified at physiological condition and...
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