FoxP3 expression by retinal pigment epithelial cells: transcription factor with potential relevance for the pathology of age-related macular degeneration

Ahmad Samir Alfaar, Lucas Stürzbecher, Maria Diedrichs-Möhring, Marion Lam, Christophe Roubeix, Julia Ritter, Kathrin Schumann, Balasubramaniam Annamalai, Inga-Marie Pompös, Bärbel Rohrer, Florian Sennlaub, Nadine Reichhart, Gerhild Wildner & Olaf Strauß
Abstract Background Forkhead-Box-Protein P3 (FoxP3) is a transcription factor and marker of regulatory T cells, converting naive T cells into Tregs that can downregulate the effector function of other T cells. We previously detected the expression of FoxP3 in retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells, forming the outer blood–retina barrier of the immune privileged eye. Methods We investigated the expression, subcellular localization, and phosphorylation of FoxP3 in RPE cells in vivo and in vitro after treatment...
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