Feasibility and outcome of reproducible clinical interpretation of high-dimensional molecular data: a comparison of two molecular tumor boards

Damian T. Rieke, Till de Bortoli, Peter Horak, Mario Lamping, Manuela Benary, Ivan Jelas, Gina Rüter, Johannes Berger, Marit Zettwitz, Niklas Kagelmann, Andreas Kind, Falk Fabian, Dieter Beule, Hanno Glimm, Benedikt Brors, Albrecht Stenzinger, Stefan Fröhling & Ulrich Keilholz
Abstract Background Structured and harmonized implementation of molecular tumor boards (MTB) for the clinical interpretation of molecular data presents a current challenge for precision oncology. Heterogeneity in the interpretation of molecular data was shown for patients even with a limited number of molecular alterations. Integration of high-dimensional molecular data, including RNA- (RNA-Seq) and whole-exome sequencing (WES), is expected to further complicate clinical application. To analyze challenges for MTB harmonization based on complex molecular datasets, we...
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