Low-abundance populations distinguish microbiome performance in plant cell wall deconstruction

Lauren M. Tom, Martina Aulitto, Yu-Wei Wu, Kai Deng, Yu Gao, Naijia Xiao, Beatrice Garcia Rodriguez, Clifford Louime, Trent R. Northen, Aymerick Eudes, Jenny C. Mortimer, Paul D. Adams, Henrik V. Scheller, Blake A. Simmons, Javier A. Ceja-Navarro & Steven W. Singer
Abstract Background Plant cell walls are interwoven structures recalcitrant to degradation. Native and adapted microbiomes can be particularly effective at plant cell wall deconstruction. Although most understanding of biological cell wall deconstruction has been obtained from isolates, cultivated microbiomes that break down cell walls have emerged as new sources for biotechnologically relevant microbes and enzymes. These microbiomes provide a unique resource to identify key interacting functional microbial groups and to guide the design of specialized...
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