Screening for prostate cancer: protocol for updating multiple systematic reviews to inform a Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care guideline update

Alexandria Bennett, Andrew Beck, Nicole Shaver, Roland Grad, Allana LeBlanc, Heather Limburg, Casey Gray, Ahmed Abou-Setta, Scott Klarenbach, Navindra Persaud, Guylène Thériault, Brett D. Thombs, Keith J. Todd, Neil Bell, Philipp Dahm, Andrew Loblaw, Lisa Del Giudice, Xiaomei Yao, Becky Skidmore, Elizabeth Rolland-Harris, Melissa Brouwers, Julian Little & David Moher
Abstract Purpose To inform updated recommendations by the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care on screening for prostate cancer in adults aged 18 years and older in primary care. This protocol outlines the planned scope and methods for a series of systematic reviews. Methods Updates of two systematic reviews and a de novo review will be conducted to synthesize the evidence on the benefits and harms of screening for prostate cancer with a prostate-specific...
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