Integrated physiological and transcriptional dissection reveals the core genes involving nutrient transport and osmoregulatory substance biosynthesis in allohexaploid wheat seedlings under salt stress

Jun-fan Chen, Ying Liu, Tian-yu Zhang, Zheng-fu Zhou, Jin-yong Huang, Ting Zhou & Ying-peng Hua
Abstract Background Soil salinization has become a global problem restricting the seed yield and quality of crops, including wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Salinity significantly alters plant morphology and severely disrupts physiological homeostasis. Salt tolerance of wheat has been widely studied whereas core ion transporters responsive to salt stress remain elusive. Results In this study, the wheat seedlings were subjected to salinity toxicity for morpho-physiological and transcriptomic analysis of wheat salt tolerance. There was a inversely...
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