Combination therapy with budesonide and N-acetylcysteine ameliorates LPS-induced ALI by attenuating neutrophil recruitment through the miR-196b-5p/Socs3 molecular axis

Yang Li, Huimin Yu, Meifen Lv, Qiaofen Li, Kaiwen Zou & Shaokun Lv
Abstract Background Neutrophil infiltration accelerates the inflammatory response and is highly correlated to the development of acute lung injury (ALI). Budesonide (BUD) and N-acetylcysteine (NAC) both inhibit the inflammatory response to alleviate ALI, so we further investigated whether their combination is better for ALI. Methods In this study, we investigated the effect and mechanism of Combined BUD and NAC therapy on LPS-induced ALI. Rat ALI model and neutrophil abnormal activation model were established by lipopolysaccharide...
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