Transcriptomic and metabolomic analyses for providing insights into the influence of polylysine synthetase on the metabolism of Streptomyces albulus

Congcong Lian, Min Zhang, Jiaqi Mao, Yuanyu Liu, Xiuwen Wang, Linghui Kong, Qingshou Yao & Jiayang Qin
Abstract ε-poly-l-lysine (ε-PL) is the main secondary metabolite of Streptomyces albulus, and it is widely used in the food industry. Polylysine synthetase (Pls) is the last enzyme in the ε-PL biosynthetic pathway. Our previous study revealed that Pls overexpressed in S. albulus CICC11022 result in the efficient production of ε-PL. In this study, a Pls gene knockout strain was initially constructed. Then, genomic, transcriptomic and metabolomic approaches were integrated to study the effects of the...
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