Digitally-supported patient-centered asynchronous outpatient follow-up in rheumatoid arthritis - an explorative qualitative study

Ramona Stenzel, Katharina Hadaschik, Susann May, Manuel Grahammer, Hannah Labinsky, Martin Welcker, Johannes Hornig, Gerlinde Bendzuck, Corinna Elling-Audersch, Ulrike Erstling, Patricia Steffens Korbanka, Nicolas Vuillerme, Martin Heinze, Gerhard Krönke, Georg Schett, Ann-Christin Pecher, Martin Krusche, Johanna Mucke, Johannes Knitza & Felix Muehlensiepen
Abstract Objective A steadily increasing demand and decreasing number of rheumatologists push current rheumatology care to its limits. Long travel times and poor accessibility of rheumatologists present particular challenges for patients. Need-adapted, digitally supported, patient-centered and flexible models of care could contribute to maintaining high-quality patient care. This qualitative study was embedded in a randomized controlled trial (TELERA) investigating a new model of care consisting of the use of a medical app for ePRO (electronic...
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