Silencing eL31 suppresses the progression of colorectal cancer via targeting DEPDC1

Gaowa Sharen, Xiongfeng Li, Jiaxin Sun, Lei Zhang, Wen Xi, Xiaodong Zhao, Fei Han, Longlong Jia, Rong A, Haidong Cheng & Mingxing Hou
Abstract Background Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most commonly diagnosed human malignancies. Ribosomal protein L31 (RPL31, aka eL31) is a component of the 60S large ribosomal subunit, and its expression pattern and functional role in CRC have not been reported. Methods Herein, we identified that eL31 protein level was dramatically increased in CRC tissues through using IHC analysis. More notably, elevated eL31 was associated with larger tumor size and shorter overall survival. Besides,...
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