Coexistence of chronic hyperalgesia and multilevel neuroinflammatory responses after experimental SCI: a systematic approach to profiling neuropathic pain

Lei Wang, Mehmet A. Gunduz, Ana T. Semeano, Enis C. Yılmaz, Feras A. H. Alanazi, Ozan B. Imir, Ulas Yener, Christian A. Arbelaez, Esteban Usuga & Yang D. Teng
Abstract Background People with spinal cord injury (SCI) frequently develop neuropathic pain (NP) that worsens disability and diminishes rehabilitation efficacy. Chronic NP is presently incurable due to poor understanding of underlying mechanisms. We hypothesized that multilocus neuroinflammation (NIF) might be a driver of SCI NP, and tested it by investigating whether NP coexisted with central NIF, neurotransmission (NTM), neuromodulation (NML) and neuroplasticity (NPL) changes post-SCI. Methods Female Sprague–Dawley rats (230–250 g) with T10 compression or...
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