Mutation of the MYH3 gene causes recessive cleft palate in Limousine cattle

Anne Vaiman, Sébastien Fritz, Christian Beauvallet, Mekki Boussaha, Cécile Grohs, Nathalie Daniel-Carlier, Anne Relun, Didier Boichard, Jean-Luc Vilotte & Amandine Duchesne
Abstract Background The palate is a structure separating the oral and nasal cavities and its integrity is essential for feeding and breathing. The total or partial opening of the palate is called a cleft palate and is a common malformation in mammals with environmental or hereditary aetiologies. Generally, it compromises life expectancy in the absence of surgical repair. A new form of non-syndromic cleft palate arose recently in Limousine cattle, with animals referred to the...
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