Scoring model based on the signature of non-m6A-related neoantigen-coding lncRNAs assists in immune microenvironment analysis and TCR-neoantigen pair selection in gliomas

Wenbo Zhao, Yibo Wu, Feihu Zhao, Zhiyi Xue, Wenyu Liu, Zenxin Cao, Zhimin Zhao, Bin Huang, Mingzhi Han & Xingang Li
Abstract Background Small peptides encoded by long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have attracted attention for their various functions. Recent studies indicate that these small peptides participate in immune responses and antigen presentation. However, the significance of RNA modifications remains unclear. Methods Thirteen non-m6A-related neoantigen-coding lncRNAs were selected for analysis from the TransLnc database. Next, a neoantigen activation score (NAS) model was established based on the characteristics of the lncRNAs. Machine learning was employed to expand the...
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