Satisfactory breeding potential is transiently eliminated in beef bulls with clinical anaplasmosis

Anne C. Lovett, Emily J. Reppert, John R. Jaeger, Qing Kang, Macy R. Flowers, Naemi P. Bickmeier, Tippawan Anantatat, Shannon C. O’Day, Chance L. Armstrong & Kathryn E. Reif
Abstract Background Natural service breeding is common in U.S. cow-calf operations. Diseases impacting bull reproductive performance have significant economic consequences for producers. Anaplasmosis may be an underappreciated cause of poor reproductive performance in bulls. The primary systemic effects of bovine anaplasmosis including anemia, fever, and weight loss, can all result in unsatisfactory reproductive performance. The objective of this pilot study was to evaluate breeding soundness examination (BSE) outcomes and clinical changes in bulls during and...
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