Ambient air pollution associated with incidence and dynamic progression of type 2 diabetes: a trajectory analysis of a population-based cohort

Yinglin Wu, Shiyu Zhang, Samantha E. Qian, Miao Cai, Haitao Li, Chongjian Wang, Hongtao Zou, Lan Chen, Michael G. Vaughn, Stephen Edward McMillin & Hualiang Lin
Abstract Background Though the association between air pollution and incident type 2 diabetes (T2D) has been well documented, evidence on the association with development of subsequent diabetes complications and post-diabetes mortality is scarce. We investigate whether air pollution is associated with different progressions and outcomes of T2D. Methods Based on the UK Biobank, 398,993 participants free of diabetes and diabetes-related events at recruitment were included in this analysis. Exposures to particulate matter with a diameter...
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