Clinical application of artificial neural network (ANN) modeling to predict BRCA1/2 germline deleterious variants in Chinese bilateral primary breast cancer patients

Yan Li, Lili Chen, Jinxing Lv, Xiaobin Chen, Bangwei Zeng, Minyan Chen, Wenhui Guo, Yuxiang Lin, Liuwen Yu, Jialin Hou, Jing Li, Peng Zhou, Wenzhe Zhang, Shengmei Li, Xuan Jin, Weifeng Cai, Kun Zhang, Yeyuan Huang, Chuan Wang & Fangmeng Fu
Abstract Background Bilateral breast cancer (BBC), as well as ovarian cancer, are significantly associated with germline deleterious variants in BRCA1/2, while BRCA1/2 germline deleterious variants carriers can exquisitely benefit from poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitors. However, formal genetic testing could not be carried out for all patients due to extensive use of healthcare resources, which in turn results in high medical costs. To date, existing BRCA1/2 deleterious variants prediction models have been developed in women...
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