Study protocol of the GLOW study: maximising treatment options for recurrent glioblastoma patients by whole genome sequencing-based diagnostics—a prospective multicenter cohort study

Mark P. van Opijnen, Marike L. D. Broekman, Filip Y. F. de Vos, Edwin Cuppen, Jacobus J. M. van der Hoeven, Myra E. van Linde, Annette Compter, Laurens V. Beerepoot, Martin J. van den Bent, Maaike J. Vos, Helle-Brit Fiebrich, Johan A. F. Koekkoek, Ann Hoeben, Kuan H. Kho, Chantal M. L. Driessen, Hanne-Rinck Jeltema, Pierre A. J. T. Robe & Sybren L. N. Maas
Abstract Background Glioblastoma (GBM), the most common glial primary brain tumour, is without exception lethal. Every year approximately 600 patients are diagnosed with this heterogeneous disease in The Netherlands. Despite neurosurgery, chemo -and radiation therapy, these tumours inevitably recur. Currently, there is no gold standard at time of recurrence and treatment options are limited. Unfortunately, the results of dedicated trials with new drugs have been very disappointing. The goal of the project is to obtain...
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