Specific triacylglycerol, diacylglycerol, and lyso-phosphatidylcholine species for the prediction of type 2 diabetes: a ~ 16-year prospective study in Chinese

Junda Zhong, Chloe Y. Y. Cheung, Xiuli Su, Chi-Ho Lee, Yi Ru, Carol H. Y. Fong, Yan Liu, Cynthia K. Y. Cheung, Karen S. L. Lam, Zongwei Cai & Aimin Xu
Abstract Background Bioactive lipids play an important role in insulin secretion and sensitivity, contributing to the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes (T2D). This study aimed to identify novel lipid species associated with incident T2D in a nested case–control study within a long-term prospective Chinese community-based cohort with a median follow-up of ~ 16 years. Methods Plasma samples from 196 incident T2D cases and 196 age- and sex-matched non-T2D controls recruited from the Hong Kong Cardiovascular...
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