Newborn resuscitation simulation training and changes in clinical performance and perinatal outcomes: a clinical observational study of 10,481 births

May Sissel Vadla, Robert Moshiro, Paschal Mdoe, Joar Eilevstjønn, Jan Terje Kvaløy, Barikiel Hhando Hhoki & Hege Ersdal
Abstract Background Annually, 1.5 million intrapartum-related deaths occur; fresh stillbirths and early newborn deaths. Most of these deaths are preventable with skilled ventilation starting within the first minute of life. Helping Babies Breathe is an educational program shown to improve simulated skills in newborn resuscitation. However, translation into clinical practice remains a challenge. The aim was to describe changes in clinical resuscitation and perinatal outcomes (i.e., fresh stillbirths and 24-h newborn deaths) after introducing a...
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