Methylome and transcriptome data integration reveals potential roles of DNA methylation and candidate biomarkers of cow Streptococcus uberis subclinical mastitis

Mengqi Wang, Nathalie Bissonnette, Mario Laterrière, Pier-Luc Dudemaine, David Gagné, Jean-Philippe Roy, Xin Zhao, Marc-André Sirard & Eveline M. Ibeagha-Awemu
Abstract Background Mastitis caused by different pathogens including Streptococcus uberis (S. uberis) is responsible for huge economic losses to the dairy industry. In order to investigate the potential genetic and epigenetic regulatory mechanisms of subclinical mastitis due to S. uberis, the DNA methylome (whole genome DNA methylation sequencing) and transcriptome (RNA sequencing) of milk somatic cells from cows with naturally occurring S. uberis subclinical mastitis and healthy control cows (n = 3/group) were studied. Results...
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