Global Phase Diagram of Bound States in the Continuum

Peng Hu, Jiajun Wang, Qiao Jiang, Jun Wang, Lei Shi, Dezhuan Han, Zhao-Qing Zhang, Che Ting Chan & Jian Zi
A global phase diagram of bound states in the continuum (BICs) in photonic-crystal slabs is obtained based on a universal classification of BICs by their different Friedrich-Wintgen origins. Previously, BICs in photonic-crystal slabs are classified into three types: single-resonance parametric, symmetry-protected and Friedrich-Wintgen BICs. Here, we show that the single-resonance parametric BICs come from the coupling between the guided resonance (GR) and Fabry-Pérot (FP) modes, and the symmetry-protected BICs from the coupling between two degenerate...
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