Rapid and precise identification of bloodstream infections using a pre-treatment protocol combined with high-throughput multiplex genetic detection system

Jinghao Zhang, Feng Yang, Zhaoyang Sun, Yi Fang, Haowei Zhu, Dijun Zhang, Xianping Zeng, Wenjian Liu, Tao Liu, Yixin Liu, Wenjing Chi, Su Wang, Li Ding, Yong Wu, Yanmei Zhang & Hu Zhao
Abstract Background Bloodstream infection (BSI) is a life-threatening condition with high morbidity and mortality rates worldwide. Early diagnosis of BSI is critical to avoid the unnecessary application of antimicrobial agents and for proper treatment. However, the current standard methods based on blood culture are time-consuming, thus failing to provide a timely etiological diagnosis of BSI, and common PCR-based detection might be inhibited by matrix components. Methods The current study explored an integrated pre-analytical treatment protocol...
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