Aligned nanofibrous collagen membranes from fish swim bladder as a tough and acid-resistant suture for pH-regulated stomach perforation and tendon rupture

Zhaohui Luan, Shuang Liu, Wei Wang, Kaige Xu, Shaosong Ye, Ruijue Dan, Hong Zhang, Zhenzhen Shu, Tongchuan Wang, Chaoqiang Fan, Malcolm Xing & Shiming Yang
Abstract Background Wound closure in the complex body environment places higher requirements on suture’s mechanical and biological performance. In the scenario of frequent mechanical gastric motility and extremely low pH, single functional sutures have limitations in dealing with stomach bleeding trauma where the normal healing will get deteriorated in acid. It necessitates to advance suture, which can regulate wounds, resist acid and intelligently sense stomach pH. Methods Based on fish swim bladder, a double-stranded drug-loaded...
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