An algorithm based on the postoperative decrease of albumin (ΔAlb) to anticipate complications after liver surgery

Ismail Labgaa, Luis Cano, Orsalia Mangana, Gaëtan-Romain Joliat, Emmanuel Melloul, Nermin Halkic, Markus Schäfer, Eric Vibert, Nicolas Demartines, Nicolas Golse & Martin Hübner
Abstract Background Perioperative decrease of albumin (ΔAlb) appeared as a promising predictor of complications after digestive surgery, but its role after liver surgery remains unclear. This study aimed to analyze whether and how ΔAlb can be used to predict complications after liver surgery. Methods A bicentric retrospective analysis of patients undergoing liver surgery (2010–2016) was performed, following TRIPOD guidelines. The preoperative and postoperative difference of albumin was calculated on POD 0 and defined as ΔAlb....
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