Facial expression recognition is linked to clinical and neurofunctional differences in autism

Hannah Meyer-Lindenberg, Carolin Moessnang, Bethany Oakley, Jumana Ahmad, Luke Mason, Emily J. H. Jones, Hannah L. Hayward, Jennifer Cooke, Daisy Crawley, Rosemary Holt, Julian Tillmann, Tony Charman, Simon Baron-Cohen, Tobias Banaschewski, Christian Beckmann, Heike Tost, Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Jan K. Buitelaar, Declan G. Murphy, Michael J. Brammer & Eva Loth
Abstract Background Difficulties in social communication are a defining clinical feature of autism. However, the underlying neurobiological heterogeneity has impeded targeted therapies and requires new approaches to identifying clinically relevant bio-behavioural subgroups. In the largest autism cohort to date, we comprehensively examined difficulties in facial expression recognition, a key process in social communication, as a bio-behavioural stratification biomarker, and validated them against clinical features and neurofunctional responses. Methods Between 255 and 488 participants aged 6–30...
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