mTORC1-c-Myc pathway rewires methionine metabolism for HCC progression through suppressing SIRT4 mediated ADP ribosylation of MAT2A

Liang Zhao, Huizhao Su, Xiaomeng Liu, Hongquan Wang, Yukuan Feng, Yan Wang, Haiqiang Chen, Luo Dai, Shihui Lai, Siqi Xu, Chong Li, Jihui Hao & Bo Tang
Abstract Background Exploiting cancer metabolism during nutrient availability holds immense potential for the clinical and therapeutic benefits of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients. Dietary methionine is a metabolic dependence of cancer development, but how the signal transduction integrates methionine status to achieve the physiological demand of cancer cells remains unknown. Methods Low or high levels of dietary methionine was fed to mouse models with patient-derived xenograft or diethyl-nitrosamine induced liver cancer. RNA sequence and metabolomics were...
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