Speed of cooling after cardiac arrest in relation to the intervention effect: a sub-study from the TTM2-trial

Rupert F. G. Simpson, Josef Dankiewicz, Grigoris V. Karamasis, Paolo Pelosi, Matthias Haenggi, Paul J. Young, Janus Christian Jakobsen, Jonathan Bannard-Smith, Pedro D. Wendel-Garcia, Fabio Silvio Taccone, Per Nordberg, Matt P. Wise, Anders M. Grejs, Gisela Lilja, Roy Bjørkholt Olsen, Alain Cariou, Jean Baptiste Lascarrou, Manoj Saxena, Jan Hovdenes, Matthew Thomas, Hans Friberg, John R. Davies, Niklas Nielsen & Thomas R. Keeble
Abstract Background Targeted temperature management (TTM) is recommended following cardiac arrest; however, time to target temperature varies in clinical practice. We hypothesised the effects of a target temperature of 33 °C when compared to normothermia would differ based on average time to hypothermia and those patients achieving hypothermia fastest would have more favorable outcomes. Methods In this post-hoc analysis of the TTM-2 trial, patients after out of hospital cardiac arrest were randomized to targeted hypothermia...
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