N6-methyladenosine-mediated SH3BP5-AS1 upregulation promotes GEM chemoresistance in pancreatic cancer by activating the Wnt signaling pathway

Chengjie Lin, Yan Wang, Yihong Dong, Shihui Lai, Liang Wang, Shangeng Weng & Xiang Zhang
Abstract Background Pancreatic cancer (PC) is highly malignant. Chemotherapy is the main treatment strategy, especially for patients with advanced PC. However, chemoresistance has always been a frequently encountered bottleneck. Hence, there is an urgent need to enhance the sensitivity of PC to gemcitabine (GEM). Results We demonstrated that SH3BP5-AS1 was significantly upregulated in GEM-resistant PC and predicted a poorer prognosis. SH3BP5-AS1 stability was regulated by ALKBH5/IGF2BP1-mediated m6A modification. Loss of SH3BP5-AS1 reduced PC cell migration...
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