DNA methylation-based detection and prediction of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 3 and invasive cervical cancer with the WID™-qCIN test

Chiara Herzog, Karin Sundström, Allison Jones, Iona Evans, James E. Barrett, Jiangrong Wang, Elisa Redl, Lena Schreiberhuber, Laura Costas, Sonia Paytubi, Lukas Dostalek, Michal Zikan, David Cibula, Gaby Sroczynski, Uwe Siebert, Joakim Dillner & Martin Widschwendter
Abstract Background Cervical screening using primary human papilloma virus (HPV) testing and cytology is being implemented in several countries. Cytology as triage for colposcopy referral suffers from several shortcomings. HPV testing overcomes some of these but lacks specificity in women under 30. Here, we aimed to develop and validate an automatable triage test that is highly sensitive and specific independently of age and sample heterogeneity, and predicts progression to CIN3+ in HPV+ patients. Results The...
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