Nitrogen, manganese, iron, and carbon resource acquisition are potential functions of the wild rice Oryza rufipogon core rhizomicrobiome

Jingjing Chang, Lei Tian, Marcio F.A. Leite, Yu Sun, Shaohua Shi, Shangqi Xu, Jilin Wang, Hongping Chen, Dazhou Chen, Jianfeng Zhang, Chunjie Tian & Eiko E. Kuramae
Abstract Background The assembly of the rhizomicrobiome, i.e., the microbiome in the soil adhering to the root, is influenced by soil conditions. Here, we investigated the core rhizomicrobiome of a wild plant species transplanted to an identical soil type with small differences in chemical factors and the impact of these soil chemistry differences on the core microbiome after long-term cultivation. We sampled three natural reserve populations of wild rice (i.e., in situ) and three populations...
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