The socioeconomic impact of tuberculosis on children and adolescents: a scoping review and conceptual framework

S. Atkins, L Heimo, DJ Carter, M. Ribas Closa, L. Vanleeuw, L. Chenciner, P. Wambi, K. Sidney-Annerstedt, U Egere, S Verkuijl, A Brands, T Masini, K Viney, T. Wingfield, K Lönnroth & D. Boccia
Abstract Background Tuberculosis (TB) has been repeatedly shown to have socioeconomic impacts in both individual-level and ecological studies; however, much less is known about this effect among children and adolescents and the extent to which being affected by TB during childhood and adolescence can have life-course implications. This paper describes the results of the development of a conceptual framework and scoping review to review the evidence on the short- and long-term socioeconomic impact of tuberculosis...
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