Derivation and external validation of a simple prediction rule for the development of respiratory failure in hospitalized patients with influenza

Blanca Ayuso, Antonio Lalueza, Estibaliz Arrieta, Eva María Romay, Álvaro Marchán-López, María José García-País, Dolores Folgueira, María José Gude, Cecilia Cueto, Antonio Serrano & Carlos Lumbreras
Abstract Background Influenza viruses cause seasonal epidemics worldwide with a significant morbimortality burden. Clinical spectrum of Influenza is wide, being respiratory failure (RF) one of its most severe complications. This study aims to elaborate a clinical prediction rule of RF in hospitalized Influenza patients. Methods A prospective cohort study was conducted during two consecutive Influenza seasons (December 2016–March 2017 and December 2017–April 2018) including hospitalized adults with confirmed A or B Influenza infection. A prediction...
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