Preliminary validation of the pica, ARFID and rumination disorder interview ARFID questionnaire (PARDI-AR-Q)

Rachel Bryant-Waugh, Casey M. Stern, Melissa J. Dreier, Nadia Micali, Lucy J. Cooke, Megan C. Kuhnle, Helen Burton Murray, Shirley B. Wang, Lauren Breithaupt, Kendra R. Becker, Madhusmita Misra, Elizabeth A. Lawson, Kamryn T. Eddy & Jennifer J. Thomas
Abstract Background The Pica, ARFID, and Rumination Disorder Interview (PARDI) is a structured interview that can be used to determine diagnosis, presenting characteristics, and severity across three disorders, including avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID). The purpose of this study was to evaluate the psychometric properties of a questionnaire focused specifically on ARFID (PARDI-AR-Q), which has the potential to provide related information with less participant burden. Methods Adolescents and adults (n = 71, ages 14–40 years)...
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