Ultrasensitive dopamine detection with graphene aptasensor multitransistor arrays

Mafalda Abrantes, Diana Rodrigues, Telma Domingues, Siva S. Nemala, Patricia Monteiro, Jérôme Borme, Pedro Alpuim & Luis Jacinto
Abstract Detecting physiological levels of neurotransmitters in biological samples can advance our understanding of brain disorders and lead to improved diagnostics and therapeutics. However, neurotransmitter sensors for real-world applications must reliably detect low concentrations of target analytes from small volume working samples. Herein, a platform for robust and ultrasensitive detection of dopamine, an essential neurotransmitter that underlies several brain disorders, based on graphene multitransistor arrays (gMTAs) functionalized with a selective DNA aptamer is presented. High-yield...
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