PI3K/AKT signaling allows for MAPK/ERK pathway independency mediating dedifferentiation-driven treatment resistance in melanoma

Eyleen Corrales, Ella Levit-Zerdoun, Patrick Metzger, Ralf Mertes, Ariane Lehmann, Julia Münch, Steffen Lemke, Silke Kowar & Melanie Boerries
Abstract Background Current therapeutic management of advanced melanoma patients largely depends on their BRAF mutation status. However, the vast heterogeneity of the tumors hampers the success of therapies targeting the MAPK/ERK pathway alone. Dissecting this heterogeneity will contribute to identifying key players in the oncogenic progression to tailor more effective therapies. Methods We performed a comprehensive molecular and phenotypic characterization of a panel of patient-derived BRAFV600E-positive melanoma cell lines. Transcriptional profiling was used to identify...
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