Mobilisation of critically ill patients receiving norepinephrine: a retrospective cohort study

Maximilian Lindholz, Clara M. Schellenberg, Julius J. Grunow, Simone Kagerbauer, Annette Milnik, Daniel Zickler, Stefan Angermair, Anett Reißhauer, Martin Witzenrath, Mario Menk, Sebastian Boie, Felix Balzer & Stefan J. Schaller
Abstract Background Mobilisation and exercise intervention in general are safe and feasible in critically ill patients. For patients requiring catecholamines, however, doses of norepinephrine safe for mobilisation in the intensive care unit (ICU) are not defined. This study aimed to describe mobilisation practice in our hospital and identify doses of norepinephrine that allowed a safe mobilisation. Methods We conducted a retrospective single-centre cohort study of 16 ICUs at a university hospital in Germany with patients...
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