Unambiguous spectral characterization on triplet energy transfer from quantum dots mediated by hole transfer competing with other carrier dynamics

Lei Wang, Gaoyuan Yang, Boyu Zhang, Xin Zhang, Dezheng Liu, Ying Liang & Guijie Liang
Triplet generation by QDs-sensitized molecules emerges great potential in many applications. However, the mechanism of triplet energy transfer (TET) is still fuzzy especially due to complicated energy level alignment of QDs and molecules or trap states in QDs. Here, CdSe QDs and 5-tetracene carboxylic acid (TCA) molecules are selected as the triplet donor and acceptor, respectively, to form a TET system. By tuning the band gap of CdSe, the CdSe-TCA complex is exactly designed to...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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