Polarizer-free measurement of the full Stokes vector using a fiber-coupled superconducting nanowire single photon detector with a polarization extinction ratio of ~2

Yue Fei, Tianhao Ji, Guanghao Zhu, Labao Zhang, Lijian Zhang, jingrou tan, qi chen, Yanqiu Guan, Rui Yin & Hao Wang
The characterization and manipulation of the polarization states at single photon level are of great importance in research fields such as quantum information processing and quantum key distribution, where the photons are normally delivered using single mode optical fibers. To date, the demonstrated polarimetry measurement techniques based on a superconducting nanowire single photon detector (SNSPD) require the SNSPD to be either highly sensitive or highly insensitive to the photon’s polarization state, therefore placing an unavoidable...
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