Tensile strained direct bandgap GeSn microbridges enabled in GeSn-on-insulator substrates with residual tensile strain

Daniel Burt, Lin Zhang, Yongduck Jung, Hyo-Jun Joo, Youngmin Kim, Melvina Chen, Bongkwon Son, WJ FAN, Zoran Ikonic & Chuan Seng Tan
Tensile strained GeSn alloys are being extensively explored as a potential gain medium for lasers compatible with complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology. Despite having achieved drastically improved lasing characteristics by harnessing tensile strain, the current methods of introducing a sizeable tensile strain into GeSn lasers require complex fabrication processes, thus reducing the viability of the lasers for practical applications. The geometric strain amplification is a simple technique that can concentrate residual and small tensile strain into...
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