Nanowire-in-Bowl-shaped Piezoelectric Cavity Structure for SERS Directional Detection of Nanoplastics less than 50 nm

Enze Lv, Junkun Wang, Jing Li, Xiaofei Zhao, Yu Jing, shicai xu, Zhen Li, yuan man, Mei xue & JiHua Xu
The accurate detection of nanoplastics is crucial due to their harmful effects on the environment and human beings. In this research, we successfully constructed an Ag/CuO nanowire (NW)/BaTiO3@PVDF Bowl-shaped substrate with a nanowire-in-Bowl-shaped piezoelectric cavity structure that can modulate surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) by the piezoelectric effect by the virtue of the molecular gripper of the CuO NW and optical field amplifier of the Bowl-shaped cavity. Due to its unique nanowire-in-Bowl-shaped structure and piezoelectrically modifiable...
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