Supplementary material from \"Strong host phylogenetic and ecological effects on host competency for avian influenza in Australian wild birds\"

Michelle Wille, Simeon Lisovski, David Roshier, Marta Ferenczi, Bethany J. Hoye, Trent Leen, Simone Warner, Ron A. M. Fouchier, Aeron C. Hurt, Edward C. Holmes & Marcel Klaassen
Host susceptibility to parasites is mediated by intrinsic and external factors such as genetics, ecology, age and season. While waterfowl are considered central to the reservoir community for low pathogenic avian influenza A viruses (LPAIV), the role of host phylogeny has received limited formal attention. Herein, we analysed 12 339 oropharyngeal and cloacal swabs and 10 826 serum samples collected over 11 years from wild birds in Australia. As well as describing age and species-level...
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