Silicon MMI-based power splitter for multi-band operation at 1.55 and 2 μm wavebands

Qiyuan Yi, Guanglian Cheng, Zhiwei Yan, qiyuan Li, Fanglu Xu, Yongchao Zou, Ting Li, Yuhan Sun, Yi Zou & yu yu
Multimode interference (MMI) based power splitters are fundamental building blocks for integrated photonic devices consisting of interferometer structure. In order to forestall the ‘capacity crunch’ in optical communications, integrated devices capable of operating in multiple spectral bands (e.g., conventional telecom window and the emerging 2 µm waveband) have since been proposed and are attracting increasing interest. Here we demonstrate for the first time, to the best of our knowledge, the realization of a dual-band MMI-based...
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