Fourier ptychographic topography

Hao Wang, Jiabei Zhu, Jangwoon Sung, Guorong Hu, Joseph Greene, Yunzhe Li, Seungbeom Park, WOOKRAE KIM, Myungjun Lee & Yusin Yang
Topography measurement is essential for surface characterization, semiconductor metrology, and inspection applications. To date, performing high-throughput and accurate topography remains challenging due to the trade-off between field-of-view (FOV) and spatial resolution. Here we demonstrate a novel topography technique based on the reflection-mode Fourier ptychographic microscopy, termed Fourier ptychograhpic topography (FPT). We show that FPT provides both a wide FOV and high resolution, and achieves nanoscale height reconstruction accuracy. Our FPT prototype is based on a...
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