Willamette Reservoir Food Web Data

Christina Murphy, Jeremy D. Romer, Kevin Stertz, Ivan Arismendi, Ryan Emig, Fred Monzyk & Sherri Johnson
Isotope and stomach content data from piscivorous reservoir fishes collected from Hills Creek (isotopes; 43°40′16″N 122°25′33″W) and Lookout Point (isotopes and stomach contents; 43°53′48″N 122°43′34″W) reservoirs located on the Middle Fork Willamette River, Oregon. Additional details can be found in the related publication. Isotope sampling was conducted under OSU Institutional Animal Care and Use Permits 4476 and 5163, ODFW permits 18168,18390, 19499 and 20088, NOAA permits W1-13-OSU202, W1-14-OSU202, W1-15-ODFW204, W1-15-OSU202 and 20088, and USFWS permit...
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