Patrimoine rural matériel et immatériel au magrheb : médiations, tourisme et dévelopemment social. Ksar Ait Ben Haddou, Village de Chenini, Ksours de Tataouine et Ksar Temacine // Tangible and intangible rural heritage in Magrheb: mediations, tourism and social development in Ksar Ait Ben Haddou, Village of Chenini, Ksours of Tataouine and Ksar Temacine

Hayat Zerouali, Loubna Mouna, Moulay Hicham Guennoun, Mouna El Gaied, Nozha Smati & Aissa Merah
In this panel, we will analyze and discuss the transformations of rural heritage functions in the Maghreb from several terrains: Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. What motivates this Maghreb approach is the socio-cultural and historical substratum that Maghreb societies share as well as the issues related to the preservation and enhancement of their cultural heritage (Ahmed Skounti, 2009). In our respective fields, new dynamics both in terms of development policies, new forms of mediation, and new,...
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