A study of gene expression, structure, and contractility of iPSC-Derived Cardiac Myocytes from a family with heart disease due to LMNA mutation

Mehrsa Mehrabi, Tessa A. Morris, Zixuan Cang, Cecilia H. H. Nguyen, Yutong Sha, Mira N. Asad, Nyree Khachikyan, Taylor L. Greene, Danielle M. Becker, Qing Nie, Michael V. Zaragoza & Anna Grosberg
Genetic mutations to the Lamin A/C gene (LMNA) can cause heart disease, but the mechanisms making cardiac tissues uniquely vulnerable to the mutations remain largely unknown. Further, patients with LMNA mutations have highly variable presentation of heart disease progression and type. In vitro patient-specific experiments could provide a powerful platform for studying this phenomenon, but the use of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (iPSC-CM) introduces heterogeneity in maturity and function thus complicating the interpretation of...
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