Hippocampal ensembles represent sequential relationships among an extended sequence of nonspatial events

Babak Shahbaba, Lingge Li, Forest Agostinelli, Mansi Saraf, Derenik Haghverdian, Gabriel Elias, Pierre Baldi, Norbert Fortin & Keiland Cooper
The hippocampus is critical to the temporal organization of our experiences. Although this fundamental capacity is conserved across modalities and species, its underlying neuronal mechanisms remain unclear. Here we recorded hippocampal activity as rats remembered an extended sequence of nonspatial events and, using novel statistical methods, uncovered new forms of sequential organization in ensemble activity important for order memory judgments. Specifically, we discovered that hippocampal ensembles provide significant temporal coding throughout nonspatial event sequences, differentiate...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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