Airborne measurements of CO₂ and CH₄ fluxes over the Alaskan North Slope using the Flux Observations of Carbon from an Airborne Laboratory (FOCAL) system.

, Ronald J. Dobosy, David Lawrence Senn, Clifford Bruce Baker, D. Sayres, C. Tuozzolo, M. Rivero, N. Allen, C. Healy, J. Munster & J. Anderson
The Flux Observations of Carbon from an Airborne Laboratory (FOCAL) project is a cooperative effort among the Anderson Group from Harvard University, Aurora Flight Sciences, and NOAA's Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division (NOAA/ATDD) to add scientific instruments to a Diamond Aircraft DA-42 Twin Star aircraft to measure fluxes of CO₂ and CH₄ in the planetary boundary layer. The work, funded by the National Science Foundation in 2012, uses the Anderson Group's Integrated Cavity-Output Spectroscopy (ICOS)...
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