Sources of human-related injury and mortality for U.S. Pacific west coast marine mammal stock assessments, 2009-2013.

James V. Carretta, , Sarah Margaret Wilkin, Justin Greenman, Kristin Marie Wilkinson, Monica DeAngelis, Justin Viezbicke, Daniel D. Lawson, Jeremy D. Rusin & Jason Earl Jannot
This report contains updated records of human-caused injury and mortality to pinnipeds and cetaceans from 2009 to 2013 for marine mammal populations that occur in U.S. west coast waters and which are evaluated in Pacific region marine mammal stock assessment reports (SARs) (Carretta et al. 2013a, 2013b). Mortality records, while included in this report, were obviously not evaluated for SI/NSI status. Subsistence and directed takes (i.e., gray whales taken by Russian natives) are not reported...
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